Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Little About the Farms

Three years ago, we launched The City Girl's Market Garden as a farm and farmers market business. At the time, everything was housed on our tiny neighborhood lot (about 1/6 acre).   We have grown and changed a lot in the last three years. We now have three different areas where we grow plants and raise animals. I thought it might be fun to show y'all what we have and at where it lives and grows. :-)

The original location is in town, hence the name City Girl.  At this location, we have some of our fruit trees and vines (fig, lemon, raspberries, grapes), our herb gardens, some of our flowers and our family's chickens.   We also have one duck at this location, 

Several bunnies (some for meat and 

one is a pet) and one flock of quail. 

Plus we incubate at this location as well.  This means we have several different groups of young birds.  This is also where we start seeds for our flowers, veggies and herbs. 

We also have a few cats and a big ole German Shepherd who are beloved family pets. 

I'll try to find/ take more pics around the urban farm and post them.  And I'll try to post again soon with a bit about our second farm location. 

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